Even if you take this city today, it will only be for a moment. Morbin will bring such an avalanche down on you from the High Bleaks that you'll wish you had stayed in your cave. But you won't be around to see it - to see these weak fools finished off by Morbin himself and his hosts. I'm going to cut you down, gimp, just like I did your niece. With this very sword.
— Daggler to Helmer, Ember Rising

Daggler was the leader of Winslow Joveson's Black Band. He was a handpicked assassin in charge of making sure there are no disturbances in the First Warren, and led the fight against The Resistance.


Early lifeEdit

Daggler was part of Helmer's unit in the old army of King Jupiter, but was discharged for torturing a new recruit. However, after the Lords of Prey took over First Warren, Daggler became lieutenant governor of the city under Prince Winslow. Among his tasks were leading the Black Band, a secret police force charged with suppressing any signs of insurrection within the city. In this capacity Daggler killed numerous innocents, including Helmer's niece Layra.

Ember RisingEdit

Daggler led the hunt for Picket Longtreader and Helmer within the First Warren and eventually fought them face to face on Victory Day. Helmer killed Daggler in that encounter.