Jacket "Jacks" Longtreader is the son of Whittle and Sween Longtreader, and the younger brother of Heather and Picket.


The Green EmberEdit

Jacks is kidnapped along with his mother and father. It is unknown if he is alive or where he is taken.

Ember RisingEdit

It is revealed that Jacks has been taken to Akolan, and he is currently attending their school for young rabbits there.

Jacks is present when Whittle and Heather return from a meeting in the Seventh District. He chides his father and sister for being out after hours, and ponders whether he should tell his teacher about it. Much to Whittle's and Sween's horror, Jacks then announces that he has been picked for a "special program," in which - unknown to Jacks - he will be fattened and then served as food to Morbin Blackhawk.

Physical appearanceEdit

Being still a youngling, Jacks is small and lithe. He has pale fur and beady eyes. He wears a long-sleeved shirt, poofy pants, a belt, and - while in Akolan - a preymark around his neck.

Personality and traitsEdit

As an infant, Jacks was never more relaxed than when he was held by Picket.

Family treeEdit

- The Longtreader Family -
Unnamed descendants (possibly including Forsythe Longtreader)
Wilfred Longtreader
Garten Longtreader
Whittle Longtreader
Sween Longtreader
Heather Longtreader
Picket Longtreader
Jacket Longtreader

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