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Mysteries are only perils in disguise.
— King Gerard as quoted by King Whitson Mariner, The Black Star of Kingston

King Gerard was the last king of the rabbits of Golden Coast and the immediate predecessor of King Whitson Mariner.



King Gerard had at one point hoped to reestablish the old tradition of the ruler of the rabbits passing the Green Ember on to their heir, to make succession to the throne clear. Unfortunately, Gerard was left with no blood heir after his only son died. As such, he chose Whitson to succeed him, and conferred upon him various relics including the Crown of Flames, the sword of Flint, the Ruling Stone, and the Stone Book of Fay.

Gerard then remained behind on Golden Coast when Whitson led the escape from invading enemies. He led a force of old bucks - including Lord Whit and Jon Blackstar - in holding off the invaders to enable the escape of Whitson's fleet.

Ember RisingEdit

King Gerard is mentioned briefly.