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Prince Lander was the son of King Whitson Mariner and Queen Lillie. He ruled the Thirty Warrens from the First Warren after his father's death.


The Green EmberEdit

Lander is mentioned as being King Whitson Mariner's son.

The Black Star of KingstonEdit

Lander snuck onto a boat and was nearly killed by the Birds of Prey.

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Ember FallsEdit

It is mentioned that Lander sailed up a river with Massie and discovered his mother had been carried off.

Ember RisingEdit

Lander is mentioned by Louise when she informs Picket Longtreader that they are imprisoned under First Warren.

The Wreck and Rise of Whitson MarinerEdit

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  • A secret "Tomb of Lander's Dragons" is mentioned in Ember Rising, but little else has been revealed as to what it has to do with Lander.

Family treeEdit

- The Royal Family of Natalia -
Whitson Mariner
Queen Lillie
Unknown wife
Prince Lander
Lady Lucian Blackstar
Lord Blackstar II
Unnamed descendants
King Walter Good
Unknown wife
Unknown wife
Unnamed son
King Jupiter
Lady Glen