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Louise, also known as Weezie, is the daughter of Airen and Snoden and the niece of Helmer.


Early lifeEdit

Louise was born one of a set of twins, the other being her sister Layra; the pair grew up on their family's farm in First Warren. During the Afterterrors, Louise's father Snowden was killed by the regime under Morbin Blackhawk.

Later, her sister Layra was taken and put to death by Daggler. This tragedy broke the heart of Airen, while Louise became resigned to a hard existence.

Ember RisingEdit

When Helmer and Picket Longtreader arrive at Airen and Louise's home in First Warren, Louise confronts them with a bow and arrows. She is initially doubtful as to Helmer's claim to being her uncle, but is convinced when he shares an account of a past adventure with her father.

She allows him inside and remains outside conversing with Picket. The two later go on a walk, leaving Helmer to console his sister while Louise makes Picket aware of the challenges they face.

She and Picket go for a walk and are seized by other rabbits. They struggle and escape, but are recaptured and dragged, tied, gagged, and blindfolded. They are taken to the Citadel of Dreams, and Captain Moonlight asks for their help. Louise is a tiny bit more trusting than Picket, and they are enlisted in the Citadel of Dreams. Captain Moonlight asks Picket about her skill with a bow and arrow. Picket questions her about if she was aiming to kill when she shot that arrow between him and Helmer, and she confirms it.

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Personality and traitsEdit

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Louise is an archer, though her skills at the time of meeting Picket were less than perfect; a shot aimed at his head ended up flying between him and Helmer instead. Her greatest skill in terms of aiding Picket and Helmer in First Warren was her knowledge of the terrain.