We must live every day here as if it's our last . . . We must always be prepared to die, if duty calls for it.
— Sween Longtreader, to Heather, Ember Rising

Sween Longtreader is the wife of Whittle Longtreader and the mother of Heather, Picket, and Jacket Longtreader.


The Green EmberEdit

The Longtreaders' home was burned down, and Sween was taken prisoner by Redeye Garlackson and his wolves, along with Jacks and Whittle. Heather and Picket managed to escape, and along with Wilfred Longtreader and Smalls, they made it to the safety of Cloud Mountain.

Ember FallsEdit

Sween is found to be a servant of Morbin Blackhawk, sweeping his floors and serving guests. At the end of the book she is heard singing, and Heather recognizes the voice.

Ember RisingEdit

Sween escapes her pursuers and finds Heather a couple days later. She takes in her daughter and nurtures her back to health, making it a joyful reunion. When she hears of Jack's "adventure" he's going to go on, she becomes very distressed. She escapes with her husband to the Seventh District.

Family treeEdit

- The Longtreader Family -
Unnamed descendants (possibly including Forsythe Longtreader)
Wilfred Longtreader
Garten Longtreader
Whittle Longtreader
Sween Longtreader
Heather Longtreader
Picket Longtreader
Jacket Longtreader