The Green Ember LIVE is a series of upcoming live events inspired by The Green Ember series.


Official summaryEdit

"The Green Ember LIVE is a reading of a brand new, exclusive, unreleased, unpublished Green Ember story accompanied by never-before-seen projected illustrations by Zach Franzen. You won’t be able to get this story anywhere else. The event will also feature original songs from the series, like “Picket Packslayer” and “The Mended Wood.” Sing along, or just enjoy!"[1]


Each event will feature a read-aloud of S. D. Smith's latest Green Ember Story book, the title of which has yet to be released. Currently, the book is only available to buy at these readings. Each read-aloud will be performed, featuring songs such as "Picket Packslayer".



February 2019Edit

  • February 6 – Author Event at West Dallas Community School (private event), Dallas, Texas[1]
  • February 7 – Author Event at Providence Christian School (private event), Dallas, Texas[1]
  • February 9 – Green Ember LIVE: Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Katy (West Houston), Texas | Limited Seats Available – Price increases 2/1/19: Get your tickets now: $10 (individual) $30 (family)[1]
  • February 28 – Author Event at Valley Classical School (Free and open to the public) Blacksburg, VA[1]

March 2019Edit

  • March 9HopeWords Writer’s Conference – Bluefield, WV[1]

May 2019Edit

  • May 23-25FPEA Convention – Orlando, Florida[1]
  • May 23 – Green Ember LIVE with Special Guest Sarah Mackenzie: FPEA, Orlando, Florida[1]


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